Tracksuits, Travel and Transforming Lives


I have never fully stopped teaching ActivKids classes even though nowadays time is generally taken up by working on the ActivKids business. Since the fantastic ActivKids franchise and instructor team, together with organisations trained to deliver ActivKids classes, reach over 5000 children each week, I can spend my time supporting, training and designing.  

But every time I write a new ActivKids lesson or programme, it’s great to be able to see first hand the reaction of children, parents, teachers and childcare professionals when they try it out for the first time. This month though has called on me to don my tracksuit a lot more frequently to support local schools with their PE lessons.

As well as helping 360 children each week learn to love exercise and physical activity whilst developing key fundamental movement skills, it has also reinforced my belief in what ActivKids stands for and is trying to achieve; inspiring children to do what comes naturally.

However, there are still not the opportunities to inspire all children to do what should be a natural opportunity, i.e. MOVE. I found it terribly sad to read about the study conducted by Strathclyde University which looked at the behaviour of children from 15 countries and reported that children in Scotland are among the least active in the world. Scotland scored an ‘F’ rating in overall physical activity and sedentary behaviour. (source:

The children at the schools I have recently worked with come from completely different social backgrounds, but once the children are in their PE kits, they all equally enjoy the ActivKids classes. It was great to hear from both schools how all the children loved the sessions and were so much more active during their PE lesson:

“The delivery and structure of these lessons were ideal for what we wanted to achieve. The management of the children was at a level expected in a school lesson. The content was fun and exciting, achieving all the required learning objectives, and inspiring new ideas for the teachers. We now have a fantastic resource with new ideas which help make our PE lessons more effective and enjoyable.”
Pyrford Primary School

“Town Farm has used ActivKids for the past term to cover PPA for our KS1 teachers. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the classes in which they have all been kept active and fully engaged in the activities. We look forward to working with ActivKids in the future!”
Town Farm Primary School

In the midst of teaching these classes I was invited back to Doncaster to spend two days training local school nurses to deliver ActivKids classes, games and activities to primary school children. Last year we successfully worked with local children’s centres and provided training in our Tots programme, so the follow-on with the Kids programme has proved to be a great progression.

I also found out from other schools throughout England, through our Quality Assurance checks, that our other ActivKids classes are rated ‘very good’. Read more about this report by clicking here

I have seen how ActivKids can inspire children to do what comes naturally. ActivKids can give children the chance they deserve to be active, to move more and to LOVE exercise. Together with new funding opportunities ActivKids can support you to inspire your local children and families:

•    Why not call us about our ActivKids training workshops?
•    Has ActivKids trained a local instructor to teach regular classes in your area? Call us to find out
•    With the school summer holidays fast approaching, can ActivKids deliver some active sessions during your holiday programme?

We can help you in lots of different ways!

Make today the day you start your ActivKids journey to inspire more children to be more active. Contact us on 0844 800 2366 or email to find out more



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Tracksuits, Travel and Transforming Lives

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