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I’m sure the summer holidays come and go quicker each year! Maybe it’s because of the unrelenting ‘wetness’ in the weather or the constant requirement in entertaining the children, but time seems to pass by and before we know it, we’re back at school!

September has started with a number of stories related to health and obesity, a volume of coverage normally only seen in January each year due to the desire of starting healthy New Year resolutions. Perhaps with the start of the school year there is a now a more concerted effort to include children in the ‘target groups’ for preventing obesity.

From 7th September this year, several fast food firms signed up to a scheme to display calorie information on their menu’s, so that consumers new exactly how many calories they were taking in (source: Great news if you understand the guidelines of calorific intake for adults and children on a daily basis, and that you can’t just take in this amount through burgers, fries, milkshakes and muffins!

The controversial issue of taking children into care due to their severe obesity has raised it’s head again, with a mother and father in Dundee facing having their 4 young children being put up for adoption because of their extreme weight issues (source: BBC Radio 4)

It was also revealed that through a study commissioned by a leading holiday company, families are likely to be X times more active during their summer holidays than  they are during the rest of the year. Swimming, walking, outdoor living and activities are attributed to this massive increase in physical activity (source:

Summer should provide more opportunities for being active, and this year saw ActivKids creating more opportunities for children and families than ever before:

•    ActivKids helped set up and deliver the first BBC family day at the television centre in London, which saw 60 children and their working parent(s) enjoy a day of exciting activities including ActivKids sessions

•    ActivCamps and fun family days took place at 12 venues in the south east with over 2000 children enjoying ActivKids classes and sports taster sessions

•    ActivTots classes in children’s centres throughout the south of England, and launching into Norfolk and Warwickshire

•    ActivKids Leader Ellie Beagley making her first television appearance on Sky Sports!

ActivKids will be continuing to create new opportunities for children and families to enjoy physical activity and fitness, and inspire more individuals and organisations to lead ActivKids sessions, moving into the new school year.

•    ActivTots packages provide training, equipment, schemes of work, instruction manuals, and marketing templates for a one-off affordable price for children’s centres and nurseries

•    ActivKids training workshops for our fantastic KS1 and KS2 in schools and leisure facilities

•    ActivKids Ambassador opportunities for highly skilled and motivated independent sports coaches and fitness professionals, to deliver the range of ActivKids programmes

Also look out for the new online ActivKids shop, ActivFami8lies packs, Parent workshops, and NEW ActivKids programmes in the coming months

Stay Active!



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